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History. The British Shorthair is the descendent of cats brought to Britain by the Romans and then interbred with wild native cats.

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Some sources directly credit UK artist and pioneering cat fancier Harrison Weir with the initial concept.

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The Benefits of Adopting an Adult Tonkinese Cat. British Columbia Victoria, Vancouver, Prince George.Susens Cats Selkirk Rex and British Shorthair. UK. Four longhair kittens.

Indeed, it has been the most popular breed of cat registered by the.The out-cross for our Scottish Folds that we have chosen is with the British Shorthair. We NEVER breed two cats with folded ears together.British Shorthair available kittens, Canadian breeders of British.They were evaluated by several judges and other Brit breeders for show potential and.

Trying to buy a British Shorthair kitten or cat in California.You can buy a beautiful, British Shorthair kitten, get recommendations on care.If you go onto the British short hair cat club and click on to the breeders list.

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Devoted to the kitten and cat and our relationship with a British Shorthair, European Shorthair, cat care, cat behavior, cat health, cat nutrition, cat.

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See the CFA Cat Show Schedule for one in your area.

Katareece Cattery provides top quality British Shorthair cats and kittens for pets, breeders and show.Scottish Fold kittens and British Shorthair kittens of Stirling Bridge Cattery located in San Francisco Bay Area.In the UK, we sell our babies not for breeders only for loving.

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These kittens impressed not only the Old, but the New World also.

Hello all, about 2 years ago I decided to purchase a british shorthair breeding pair from Scotland from an allegedly reputable breeder.

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An informative insight into the world of pedigreed cats - with breeder search, breed profiles, top cat photos, cat show schedule, health articles.

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MacGilli Cattery located in Mammoth Lakes, California Near Reno and Las Vegas.Formation of character can provoke adverse events in the life of a cat.We are Carla and David Ashton, breeders of the magnificent British Shorthair Cat since 2009, based in Hazel Grove, Stockport, Cheshire.

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Britons Cattery information: Britons is a small quality breeder of British Shorthairs located in France near Paris.Kittens in the Cattery Loretta British Cattery of the best champions with a pedigree.

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